December 1

1846: All Pinardi house on rent

From November 3, Don Bosco and his mother started living in the Pinardi house where they had three rooms on rent. From today, the whole house was taken on rent. Mr. Pinardi had rented all the dwelling units of his house, five on the upper floor and six on the main floor, to Pancrazio Soave. Pancrazio, keeping a few rooms for himself and his tiny starch factory, had sublet all the others. Don Bosco, therefore, began negotiating with him. He started renting the rooms one by one at double their rate, as the different leases expired or the tenants vacated them. (BM II, 365)

1852: Building collapse

On December 1 (1852), several hundred day boys were attending their usual evening classes at the Oratory. When the sessions ended around nine O’clock, the day boys lingered for a while (as they always did) to chat with the boarders and amuse themselves by racing through the empty rooms of the new building …. Shortly after eleven, while Don Bosco and all the boarders were fast asleep, a frightful crash that continued to grow more thunderous in intensity made them jump out of their beds. Part of the southern wall of the new building had collapsed… (um IV, 353)

1854: State Funerals at Court!

Don Bosco was told in a dream about state funera Is, not funeral at Court. The saint wrote about this to the king. AI dawn, Don Bosco personally wrote to the king. He informed him of his second dream and begged him to oppose that bill at all costs and save himself from the threatened punishment,.. (BM V, 116)

1862: Prediction of death

In the “Good Night” of December 1. Don Bosco spoke predicting the death of Albert, an Oratory boy. “He is right here among you, but I can never get him because he always steers clear of me. I have tried to speak to him of his soul, but to no avail, and yet one day he will call for me and I will not be around. In his last moments… he will yearn for him but in vain, because Don Bosco will be away, and he will die without ever seeing him again… let him hear in mind that he will not be here for the next Exercise for a Happy Death.” (BM VII, 206)

1868: Death predicted

On Wednesday, December 1, he visited the Lanzo school and at one “Good Night” urged the boys to put their consciences in order because during that school year one of them would be summoned to God’s judgement seat. Privately he confided to a superior that the boy who was to die was in the second grade, and that his name began with “V”. We should note that Don Bosco had not yet met the new pupils. (BM IX, 198)

1880: Houses of France protected by Mary

On the evening of December I, at San Benigno (he was there with the General Council) Don Bosco narrated one of his dreams in which the Blessed Virgin assured him that She would protect the salesian houses of France. I feared for our own houses in France, praying and asking others to pray, and then one night, as I slept, I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary standing aloft before me very much like the statue of Mary, Help of Christians atop the dome. She wore a huge mantle spreading wide about Her, beneath which were sheltered all our houses in France. Our Lady was looking upon them with smiling countenance, when suddenly a terrible storm arose, or perhaps it was an earthquake, with lightning, hail, horrible monsters of every shape and form,and gunshots and artillery fire that paralyzed everyone with terror. The monsters, lightning bolts and shelling were aimed at our Salesians who huddled beneath Mary’s mantle, but of all those who were under the protection of such a powerful defender, not one was hurt…the Blessed Virgin Mary kept saying, I love those who love Me… so much good in France over so many years were disbanded, while our own, a foreign congregation living on the generous charity of the French people, and harassed by a furious press constantly screaming to the government to throw us out, continues calmly. Isn’t it amazing? This must be a constant encouragement to entrust ourselves to the Virgin Mary. (BM XIV, 488) 

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