August 7

1943: Mother Lucotti Superior General

Since it was not possible because of the war to convoke the General Chapter, the Holy See appointed Mother Lucotti to succeed Mother Vaschetti (+ 28 January 1943) as the Superior General of the FMA Sisters. (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” 1943, p.156)

1947: Death of Father Blain of Toulon

On August 3, 1877 Don Bosco saw the little singer in a dream and later recognized him at first sight in the house of La Novarre on 7 February 1880. Michael had his voice exchanged with that of Don Bosco on 29th February 1880 when the former was to sing on the stage. He was present at the multiplication of the nuts on 3 January 1886. At Don Bosco’s death he received from Father Rua the crucifix the saint was holding while dying. He worked in France and Belgium with admirable zeal. Faithful to Don Bosco’s teaching he was a tireless worker and died in the midst of his work. (cfr. Mortuary letter)

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