August 30

1846: Unprepared for Death

During his convalescence at Becchi, Don Bosco wrote to Father Borel who was taking his place at the Oratory. In the letter he spoke of a sudden and apparently unprepared death. During an earlier illness, which the doctors said was incurable, he was persuded by some devout person to make a vow that he would go to confession and Communion and attend Mass. God accepted his promise and restored him to health. But the man did not keep his word, even though his wife and several other people reminded him of it…he suddenly took sick again and died within a few hours, unable to receive the Last Rites. (BM 11, 393)

1859: Reluctant nun

Young Countess Rose Cravosio did not like to be a Dominican nun. But Don Bosco foretold that she would become one. She herself-now Sister Philomena Cravosio- wrote to Father Michael Rua: On August 30, 1859 – the feast of St. Rose of Lima and my name day – my mother gave me, among other things, a lovely statue of Mary Immaculate…at nine that morning, she took me to visit Don Bosco…he joined his hands and silently traced the Sign of the Cross over the statue…said, ‘Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin, bless and console little Rose whom I see clothed in white.’ “But, Don Bosco,” I interrupted, “I am not dressed in white, I don’t like white dresses. (I was then nineteen ). They’re for little girls.” (Inwardly I felt disinclined to join the Dominican Order because of its white Habit.)… Two years later, on August 16, 1861, I entered the Dominican Convent at Mondovi-Carassone. The Immaculate Virgin had thus granted my wish and answered Don Bosco’s prayer. His words had been truly prophetic.” (BM VI, 141) On 31 January 1888, a few minutes after he breathed his last, Don Bosco appeared to the same sister who was sick and in bed. The saint ordered her to get up and she was completely cured. (cfr. MB XVIII, 589)

1898: Anticipated re-election

Out of a concern for poverty Blessed Rua decided that the Superior General should be elected during the Chapter held this year though his 12-year term would get over only in 1900. He was unanimously re-elected. (DR. I, 813) 

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