August 3

1870: Callori to help build a church and hospice

Don Bosco predicted that Countess Callori would live long and help him build a church. school and hospice at Porta Nuova. God wants you to help build a church, school, and hospice at Porta Nuova. The church will he built, you will see it go up, you will attend its consecration, and you will walk through it. Is that clear? Therefore, do not think of anything but living cheerfully in the Lord… (13M Ix. 434-435)

1877: An agricultural school

Don Bosco was averse to agricultural schools, because he felt they did not sufficiently safeguard the students’ morals. But when an offer came from France he accepted it willingly because of a dream. Bishop Ferdinard Terris of Frejus and Toulon was the prime mover and staunch champion ofthis transaction, but unknowingly he was also the instrument of Divine Providence. His first letter concerning the agricultural school reached Don Bosco in August 1877…the bishop’s offer was totally unexpected, as there had not been negotiations of any sort or the faintest likelihood of any such proposal being made. (BM XIII, 412) The house was opened on 8 June 1878. During his first visit to Navarre (7 February 1880) Don Bosco recognized the house of his dream and the boys who welcomed him. The soloist was little Michael Blain, the future parish priest of Nizza (+ 7 August 1947)

1936: Father Francis Bandre, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 40, a salesian for 23 years and a priest for 14 – martyred at Sarria, cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. CDB, 296) 

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