August 27

1866: Philosophy course at the Oratory

To obviate defections Don Bosco was planning to set up a philosophy course for clerics at the Oratory itself. Accordingly he wrote to the Vicar Capitular, as follows: In response to your exhortation, we have decided…to have our students at the Oratory and at Lanzo formed to piety and a priestly spirit. As a general rule, therefore, from now on no boy will be accepted at the Oratory for secondary school unless he intends to become a priest…In past years, very rarely an Oratory pupil gave up his priestly studies. but of late such cases are regretfully becoming more frequent…there are probably many reasons…we see them even among our own clerics…to remedy this evil and promote God’s greater glory, I respectfully ask that the clerics attached to the Oratory pursue their studies in this house, as follows: 1. Their curriculum will be identical to that of the seminary. Examinations are also to he taken at the seminary at the scheduled times. 2. alter one year’s experiment as above, there should be no noticeable intellectual and moral improvement, the Oratory clerics will resume attending courses at the seminary. (BM vitt, 207-208)

1883: Vicariate Apostolic of Patagonia

Cardinal Simeoni, Prefect of the Propagation of Faith, asked Don Bosco’s definitive opinion regarding the creation of the Vicariate Apostolic of Patagonia. The Cardinal also asked for names of suitable candidates for the post. Don Bosco replied on July 29th proposing the name of Father Fagnano for South Patagonia: “He is Herculean in his works, he does not know the meaning of weariness or fear in His undertakings!” (cfr. MB XVI, 377)

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