August 23

1885: Our Lady is here

After the clothing ceremony at Nizza Monferrato, Don Bosco spoke to the members of the General Council of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians:
“…I just want to say that Our Lady loves you, very, very much! And you know, She is here in the midst of you!” Don Bonciti,…sa id, “Yes, yes, just so, Don Bosco means that Our Lady is your Mother, Shc guides and protects you.” “No, no,” corrected Don Bosco, “I mean that Our Lady is really here, in this house, and that She is pleased with you, and that if you keep the spirit that you have now, which is that desired by Our Lady…” …Don Bonetti tried to interpose again: “Yes, yes, Don Bosco means to say that if you are always good, Our Lady will be pleased with you.” “But, no, no…” Don Bosco forced himself to explain… “I mean that Our Lady is really here in the midst of you…” (Dalcerri, L, The Living Monument of Mary Help of Christians, 243)

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