August 2

1858: Birth of Prince Augustus

Prince Augustus Czartoryski was born in Paris. He gave up his rights as the first born to enable him to enter the Salesian Congregation. He had to overcome many difficulties but finally with the permission of Leo XIII he became a Salesian. He died a year after his ordination to the priesthood. (+8 April 1893). His cause for beatification and canonization has been introduced. (cfr. MB XVII, 409)

1863: Francis Besucco at the Oratory

He entered the Oratory this day. Five months and seven days later, he died a holy death on 9 January 1864. (cfr.MB VII, 492)

1936: Father Anthony Mohedano, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 42, a salesian for 22 years and a priest for 11 – martyred at Ronda, cause introduced on January 16, 1959. (cfr.CDB, 295)

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