August 19

1865: Health Inspectors at the Oratory

 On August 19, 1865, health inspectors showed up at the Oratory. This unexpected inspection was being made at a time when the whole Oratory was going through its yearly clean-up and furniture of all sorts was being moved around, repaired or replaced.The health inspectors ignored this situation and submitted a nasty report of untidy and overcrowded dormitories, classrooms and study halls, of run-down restrooms, and of garbage bins too close to kitchen and dining areas. These were either baseless or deliberately exaggerated. The second inspection took place a week later.
On his part, Don Bosco did his best to cooperate with the health authorities. He hurried the clean-up and repairs, excused himself from carrying out certain injunctions that were beyond his means, and, not the least put out, without curtailing even by one the number of his boys, made room for the expected cholera orphans. Eventually the residents increased to nine hundred. (BM VIII, 98)

1936: Cleric I’eter Mesonero, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 24, and a salesian for 5 years – martyred at Torrente, cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. CDB, 320) 

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