August 12

1881: Sister Catherine Daghero Superior General

The chapter would have preferred that Don Bosco choose three candidates from whom they would elect a mother general, but Father Cagliero at once opposed the plan. Twenty-one sisters voted and elected Sister Catherine Daghero of Cumiana as their superior. The rule required that the mother general be at least thirty-five years old, whereas Sister Daghero was only twenty-five, but Don Bosco gave her the necessary dispensation.” (13M XV, 300-301) She remained in office for 43 years (+ 26 February 1924).

1885: A delicate thought

A lady sent Don Bosco a donation of 2500 lire as a thanksgiving offering. The saint acknowledged her gift and thanked her. The good lady sent a second offering of 3000 lire and Don Bosco thanked her again. The lady was good enough to send a third offering, this time 10,000 lire! The saint did not reply her, not to abuse her goodness. (cfr. MB XVII, 493)

1896: Biographical Memories

Cardinal Joseph Sarto of Venice, the future Pius X, wrote a personal letter to Father Rua encouraging the publication of Don Bosco’s life at the earliest. Two years later the first volume of the Memorie Biografiche di Don Giovanni Bosco came out. Eighteen other volumes followed over the years. Volume XIX was published in January 1939 and Indice Analitico delle Memorie Biografiche di S. Givoanni Bosco nei 19 volumi, in 1948. (cfr. MB I, XV)

1906: Multiplication of holy pictures

Blessed Rua was at Nizza Monferrato on the occasion of Mother Dag hero’s election as Superior. The holy pictures multiplied in the hands of Blessed Rua! (cfr. DR. III, 259)

1936: Cleric Michael Domingo, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 27, a salesian for 8 years – martyred at Prat de Comte, The cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. CDB, 309)

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