August 10

1877: Salesian Bulletin

The first number of the Salesian Bulletin came out of the press. For nearly two years the Oratory Press issued almost monthly a newsletter entitled Bibliofilo Cattolico (The Catholic Booklover). In August 1877 to underwent a radical transformation. From August 10 (1877) it had a double title Bibliofilo Cattolico o Bolletino Salesiano Mensuale (The Catholic Book lover or Monthly Salesian Bulletin). Its eight two-column pages dealt mainly with Salesian news and communications, while books were listed in an appendix. The Salesian Bulletin was presented to the cooperators in a two-page foreword by Don Bosco: “The Cooperators’ regulations call for a monthly publication to keep them informed of project achieved or in progress and so orient them to their goals. That promise is now being kept. Therefore, it is now possible for all to work with one mind and aim all efforts toward a single goal – God’s glory and the welfare of society. The Bulletin’s contents will be threefold: 1. Proposals for cooperators…. 2. Accounts of happenings…. 3. Communiqués, announcements, books and maxims which should be publicized.” (BM XIII, 192)

1880: Angelic boys, boys in sin!

On August 10, Don Bosco narrated a dream of his. He dreamt that he was at San Benign°, in a large hall. Many boys were sitting at a table, but were not eating. Later they began to eat. A throng of handsome looking boys, bright as angels, suddenly appeared from nowhere holding lilies… They handed over the lilies to the other boys and those who received them were likewise borne aloft. The lilies symbolized purity. Then another throng of boys appeared holding roses. They too were being borne along above the tables and were handling out roses. They were the boys who were aflame with God’s love. The lads who had received neither lily nor rose had features as scarlet as fire. They represented boys in sin. They were trying to pull themselves up with a tiny rope hooked to the ceiling, but all in vain. The rope is a symbol of confession. They received the sacrament without the necessary dispositions. Some dejected-looking boys had hideous serpents coiled about their necks,the snake’s tail resting on their hearts. (cfr. BM XIV. 437-39)

1936: Father John Martorell, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 47. a salesian for 23 years and a priest for 13 – martyred at Valence, cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. CDB, 307)

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