April 16

1858: Affectionate welcome

Don Bosco returned from his first visit to Rome after an absence of two months. Referring to the event, Father Lemoyne said: He arrived in Turin on April 16 and was greeted by his boys with such rejoicing and affection that no father could have wished for a better welcome from his sons. (BM V, 604)

1874: Halo over the Oratory

Don Bosco returned to the Oratory after three and a half months of absence, with the definitive approval of the salesian constitutions. There was general rejoicing at the Oratory. It was an unforgettable demonstration that was rendered all the more solemn by a truly singular occurrence. As Don Bosco stood in the doorway of the sacristy facing the playground, he saw a gorgeous ring of light like a martyr’s halo over the Oratory, especially above his own room…everyone was staring up at the sky which at that moment was perfectly clear, save for a veil encircling, like a thin cloud of smoke, the rainbow which hung in mid-air above his room. By now it had grown bigger and more luminous..Don Bosco replied, “Perhaps in this sign the Lord has given us a symbol of our victory over our enemies through the unconditional approval of the Society of St. Francis of Sales. (UM X, 375-376)

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