April 10

1885: Paralyzed lady cured

At Marseille (France) a lady who was a paralytic was cured instantly after Don Bosco’s blessing. But the saint made her walk with a stick so as not to publicize the event unduly. (cfr. MB XVII, 436)

1886: The congregation is missionary

The following dream took place at Barcelona. In the company of a shepherdess Don Bosco traversed the w of boys. He saw Val hole world along with a crow g Hongkong, Calcutta, d paraiso, Santhiago, Peking, Hon Madagascar. The shepherdess said to him: “These and other places w have novitiates and houses of studies.” she recommended ill Finally she “Make sure that my sons will always practise the beautiful virtue! Then the vision disappeared. A year after the dream, it literally came true when the salesians came across crowds of boys at Santiago and Valparaiso. The boys shouted enthusiastically: “Finally our fathers are here!” China had to wait till 1906, so also India. Peking could receive the first salesians only in 1946. It was Cardinal Tien who had invited them. They established themselves at Calcutta in 1925, though the first group had arrived at Thanjavur already in 1906. A new era started in India when a group of salesians under the leadership of Father Mathias arrived in Assam in 1922. (cfr. MB XVIII, 71. 172; Annali I, 556 and III 595).

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