April 28

1883: Mass for sinners by a saint

During his stay at Paris Don Bosco celebrated a Mass for the conversion of sinners in the church of Our Lady of Victories. Though the mass was to commence at 9 o’clock, the church was already full by 7. A curious lady was told: “It is a mass for sinners, but said by a saint!” During the communion time Luigi Colle (+ April 3, 1881) appeared to Don Bosco. (cfr. BM XV, 67)

1887: A thousand lire for an extra day

On the occasion of his visit to Rome for the blessing of the church of the Sacred Heart (May 14, 1887), Don Bosco stayed at Florence for three days. The Countess Uguccioni promised him a thousand lire for every extra day he would stay with her. However, it was not possible for Don Bosco to accept the offer and left, but not without receiving a handsome donation. (cfr. MB XVIII, 309-311)

1887: Spontaneous love

At the railway station of Arezzo the station master ran up to Don Bosco and embraced him, saying that he was a past pupil of the Oratory. (cfr. MB XVIII, 311)

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