April 22

1883: Catholic Newspaper

At Paris Don Bosco visited the Assumptionist Fathers. He was told that the Superior General wanted to found a big Catholic newspaper. The saint encouraged the initiative. In fact the first number of the “La Croix” appeared on June 16. It did much good both in France and outside. (cfr. MB XVI, 166ff)

1883: Preventive System

On the occasion of his visit to the Assurnptionist Fathers. Don Bosco spoke at table about the preventive system. He said the system was based on:
— confession — frequent communion — and assistance’ everywhere. (cfr. CDB, 159…MB XVI, 166ff)

1887: A prophecy and its fulfilment

During one of his visits to Sampierdarena, Don Bosco told the niece of a salesian:
“In your old age you will come to our house of Sampierdarena where a Capra will be your companion, but not a capra that eats grass (in Italian capra means goat), but one who walks on two legs! You will keep company also in death!” This prophecy was fulfilled when the lady came to live with the FMA sisters at Sampierdarena where Sister Olimpia Capra was her companion. They died on the same day, January 6, 1936. (MB 306)

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