April 7

1876: Be humble

During the night of April 7, Father Berto heard Don Bosco cry out in his sleep: “Anthony, Anthony”. The saint saw a hyena coming toward him. A shepherd came from the hills and told him: “Help must come from above, but, to obtain it, one needs to descend very low. The lower one goes, the greater will the help be. That beast does not harm anyone who ignores it.” (BM XII,143)

1886: “Tibi dabo”

Don Bosco’s journey through Spain lasted a whole month. Once while journeying by train he heard a voice which said: “Tibi dabo!” The saint understood the meaning only when a group of Catholics came to offer him the hill “Tibi Dabo” to erect a church in honour of the Sacred Heart. He was moved and accepted the gift. (cfr. MB XVIII, 66ff)

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