April 29

1865: Salutary warning

Don Bosco spoke as follows in the “Good Night”: Picture to yourself a hen that refuses too back into the coop some evening…It’s a fox and it is after the hen…The hen panics, flies off again and lands on a hedge. The fox dives into the hedge to get her. Successive efforts to flee always leave the hen closer and closer to the ground. Finally, the hapless hen falls into the fox’s clutches. A cry and then all that is left of her is a pile of blood-stained feathers. My children, the fox is the devil; the hen symbolizes certain boys…locked up in the coop, they want no rules. In their inexperience they pay no attention to warnings…Some complain, `Why do superiors forbid us certain friendships? We are doing nothing wrong!’…Then follow fond thoughts, undue familiari-ties, sentimental friendships and unmanly emotions. One falls lower and lower because his wings are not strong enough. Meanwhile the fox keeps up its hot pursuit and one ends up in its jaws. Good night! (BM VIII, 67-68)

1867: Toothache cured instantly

Cleric Charles Giachetti was tormented by tooth ache for over two years. He had not eaten for three days and the pain was now unbearable. Don Bosco blessed him. “Do you have faith in Mary Help of Christians?” “0, yes! If you bless me, I hope Our Lady will cure me.” Don Bosco told the bystanders to kneel and recite the Hail, Holy Queen. He then blessd him. Hardly had he uttered the words of blessing when the cleric fell soundly asleep… he got up with his companions perfectly cured, as if nothing had ever been the matter with him. He never again had a toothache. He died of typhus some ten years later. (BM VIII, 324)

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