April 27

1865: Foundation stone

The foundation stone for the church of Mary Help of Christians was laid by Mgr. Odone, Bishop of Susa, in the presence of Prince Amadeus and other d istinguished guests. Can. Gastaldi, a friend and cooperator of Don Bosco, spoke on the occasion. (cfr. BM VIII, 60-61)

1874: No cardinal!

Professor John Lorini made the following declaration to Father Rua: On April 27 of that year, on my return home to Tortona, I chanced to meet Don Bosco humbly sitting in a corner of the waiting room of the Alessandria railroad station. I hastened to greet him respectfully. Afterward, I mentioned my conversation with Car-dinal Antonelli and the great desire in Rome to have him as a cardinal. “Dear professor,” Don Bosco replied in his pleasant, half-serious, half-teasing way, “what would I amount to as a cardinal? Nothing at all! Now,.at least, as a simple priest I can still do some good.” (BM X, 243-244)

1882: Eulogy on the congregation

During a meeting of the salesian cooperators, Cardinal Alimonda, future archbishop of Turin, spoke after a conference by Don Bosco. The Cardinal applied the words of the Gospel to the Congregation: “Many who either do not know the Salesian Congregation or have a misconception of it keep asking, ‘Is it a good work? Is it in accord with the Lord’s Spirit’ “…he quoted Jesus’ answer appealing to His deeds, and he applied it to the Salesian Congregation. He again called to mind the facts which Don Bosco has just brought out in his talk and which closely paralleled those of Our Holy Redeemer. The blind see…the crippled walk…the lepers are made clean…the gospel is preached to the poor. (BM XV, 449)

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