April 3

1864: Not as long as I live

His co-workers often discussed with him the field of activities which Divine Providence would probably entrust to them. On one such occasion, on April 3rd (1864), the conversation shifted to the possibility of one day conducting a boarding school for the sons of noble families. “Oh no,” Don Bosco interrupted. “Not as long as 1 live! Never, if I can help it!…If we keep working for poor boys we shall be left in peace, if for no other reason than that some will put up with us in pity and others will perhaps praise us. No one will covet our possessions. They wouldn’t care for our rags.” (BM VII, 390)

1874: Pope cast the missing vote

In the final voting for the approbation of the salesian constitutions, three cardinals voted for the definitive approval and one opted for approval `ad decennium’ (for ten years). Archbishop Vitelleschi then asked for a special audience with the Pope, who granted it for the afternoon of Good Friday, April 3. After listening carefully to the report and realizing that one vote was needed for a unanimous approval, he smilingly exclaimed, “Very well, I shall cast the missing vote.” (BM X, 368)
1891: Death of Venerable Donna Dorotea di Chopitea

It is through the interest and material help of this saintly cooperator that the salesian house of Barcelona was founded on October 15 1880. (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” 1881, p. 88)

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