April 19

1863: Keep your promise, fear no more

During the retreat preached by Can. Gastaldi at the Oratory, one of the boys had a dream. He was troubled in conscience and hence he made a general confession to Don Bosco. That night a beautiful lady appeared to the boy in a dream and told him: “From the moment you promised to devote your whole life to Me, all sins were forgiven. Don’t worry anymore about the past. Just try to keep your promise always. Fear no more.” (BM VII, 251 ).

1874: Hack among his children,providential help

Don Bosco came back to the Oratory after three and a half months’ absence: Anyway, on April 19, the second Sunday after Easter, and – as Father Berto noted in his diary -“a feast day made solemn by Don Bosco’s return from Rome”. Archbishop Gastaldi celebrated the community Mass and administered Holy Communion in the church of Mary Help of Christians. High Mass followed at 10.30. A little while later, a short man came into Don Bosco’s waiting room, saying that he had a package for him. When he was ushered in, he immediately set the package on the table, saying that it was an offering for a grace received. Then, without disclosing his identity, he left. The package continued bills amounting to two thousand lire. (BM X, 377)

1878: Don Bosco, save me

Don Bosco dreamt that he was protecting a boy from the assaults of the devil. As I stood leaning on a walking stick, a black-looking cat,fur bristling, fearfully terrorized, raced toward me, hotly pursued by two huge mastiffs at close range…I shouted, “Leave this poor cat alone”… …the dogs answered me in human speech: “Nothing doing! We must obey our masters, who ordered us to kill it”… “I shall never permit you to kill this cat”….I raised my stick and frantically struck out at the two assailants, screaming at them to hack off. The struggle lasted a long time….I glanced at the poor cat still at my feet and was astounded to see that it had changed into a lamb….the two dogs…too had changed, alternately taking on the appearance of hears, tigers, lions, frightening apes and even more terrible creatures. …l turned to the lamb but it was no longer there. In its place stood a very frightened boy, pitifully crying, “Don Bosco save me!”… “Do you really want to become a good boy? ….Have no fear. Kneel down, hold Our Lady’s medal in your hand and pray with me.” (BM mil, 425-426)

1885: Deprived of his belongings

During his stay at Marseille some visitors took away his biretta. This happened four times. Besides, seven dozen pens disappeared from his tables. His bed sheets, bed cover, the cushions were all cut into pieces… (from the Diary of Viglietti). (cfr. MB XVII, 447)

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