April 23

1863: Fiery Globe over the

Oratory On April 23, at the close of the spiritual retreat. Don Bosco gave the following “Good Night”: “Last evening a fiery globe appeared over our house. Many asked me what it meant…I do not want to think that the Lord intends to punish us. If I am to see any meaning in it, it is this: that several of you have not made a good retreat. The fiery globe may mean that the Lord intends to give them a little more time to reform.” (BM VII, 252)

1876: First Marian month

The celebration of the first Marian month started on this day, and concluded on May 24th. (cfr. BM XII. 150)

1881: Papal gift

In a write-up for the Salesian Bulletin, inter alia. Don Bosco mentioned the following: Moments before my audience someone had brought the Holy Father a gift of five thousands francs for Peter’s Pence. “Here,” the Pope happily said to me, “this money has just come in time. My right hand accepted it and my left passes it on to you. Take it and use it for your work on the Esquiline.” (BM xv, 119)

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