April 9

1857: Dominic Savio in heaven

A month after his death, Dominic appeared to his father who recalled the event: “I lay tossing about sleeplessly for a long time, when the ceiling of my room seemed to burst open with a flash of light. In its midst I saw Dominic, his face radiant with joy… ‘Yes, Dad,’ he answered, ‘I am in heaven.’…” (BM v, 420)

1863: Some will Outdo St. Aloysius

Talking to the confreres Don Bosco remarked: “The boys’ prayers are powerful. One youngster, for instance, can instantly have my ailment transferred to himself, while I in turn beg Dominic Savio to cure him, and in a short while we are both well again. Some Oratory boys and clerics too are so virtuous, he continued, that if they goon this way, they will outdo St. Aloysius himself. Almost daily I see things in this house which defy belief. Yet, God is pleased to have them happen in Our midst.” (BN4 VII, 246)

1863: his guard of honour

Don Bosco presided over a meeting of the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception. At the conclusion of it he said that they had a special function in the house. The Bonetti chronicle reported: …he saw this sodality as his honour guard, and that just as the emperors of old felt safe and strong as long as their guard was alert and mighty, he also hoped he could use us to rout God’s enemies and safeguard His throne in our house. (BM VII, 247)

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