April 8

1849: Dominic Savio’s first communion

Dominic was just seven years old when he was allowed to receive Holy communion.
It was a rare privilege indeed for those times! St. Joseph Cafasso and St. John Bosco, who received first Communion in the same Church. the Parish of Castelnuovo, were 13 and 10 years old respectively. Dominic, however, was only seven years old. He took the following resolutions On that occasion:
– I will go to confession frequently and receive holy Communion whenever my confessor allows me. – I will sanctify the feast days. – My friends shall be Jesus and Mary. Death, but not sin! (cfr. Life of Dominic Savio)

1874: Put them to work

After the definitive approval of the salesian constitutions, Don Bosco had an audience with the Holy Father. The saint asked the Pope permission to assign the novices to the work of the Institute. The Holy Father not only permitted it, but added: “Do not assign them to the sacristy, lest they become lazy. Put them to work!” (BM x, 370)

1882: What is over and above, give in alms At Lucca Don Bosco spoke on the topic of charity: “Suppose you have an income of one thousand lire, and you can live comfortably on eight hundred; the other two hundred come under the category of ‘give alms’… This, I tell you, is superfluous, and you are duty-bound to take that money which is helping no one and use it as Jesus Christ has told us. Do you still intend to keep it? Then listen: the devil will come and turn that money into a key to open the gates of hell for you.” (BM xv, 437-438)

1885: Hair-cut

At Marseille the Olive family advised Don Bosco to have a hair-cut to be able to preserve his hair as relic. They also presented him with a new hat and took away his old one for the same purpose. (cfr. MB XVII, 435)

1893: Death of Venerable Czartoryski

He was born at Paris and died at Alassio (Italy) at 35 years of age, 5 of profession and an year of priesthood! He was the eldest son of the Polish prince Ladislaus and princess Amparo, daughterof Queen Maria Christina of Spain. After overcoming the many difficulties he met with, Czartoryski entered the Salesian Congregation following the advice of Pope Leo XIII. He received the habit from Don Bosco himself on November 24, 1887. He was ordained in 1892 and died a year later.The cause for his beatification was introduced in 1941. (cfr. MB XVIII, 466)

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