April 13

1846: The first Mass in the Pinardi Shed

That morning Don Bosco first blessed and dedicated the new chapel to St. Francis de Sales and then celebrated Mass for his many boys, some neighbours, and other townsfolk. The arch-bishop, as a token of his satisfaction and goodwill, renewed the faculties he had already granted Don Bosco for the oratory… (BM II, 334)

1864: The ointment that healed

Don Bosco saw in a dream on April 3, that some of his boys were wounded by crows. But they were healed by a special ointment. Suddenly two personages appeared; one was holding a small jar of ointment, the other a wiping cloth…As soon as the ointment touched the wounds, the boys were instantly cured. Several though, refused to be treated and crawled farther back as the two personages got closer to them. What displeased me most was that there were quite a few of these boys. I made a point to jot their names down because I knew them all, but, as I was writing, I woke up. (BM VII, 392)

1874: Death of Father Francis Provera

Provera entered the Oratory in 1858 at the age of twenty two. Don Bosco received him with these words: “Those who want to remain with me must let themselves be cooked!” By this the saint meant obedience of the heart and of the will. He was one of the 22 who made their profession for the first time in the salesian society. He made his final vows in 1862 and was ordained a priest in 1864. On November 11th the saint asked Provera who was sick at that time, whether he wanted to go to heaven or to get well. After two hours of reflection and with the encouragement of Father Rua he chose heaven. But Don Bosco told him, “It is too late, you will get well and will have to suffer much in life!” He was elected a member of the General Council in 1871 and died three years later after much suffering. On 18th January Provera appeared to Don Bosco in a dream and assured him he was in heaven! (cfr. BM VI, 25, 623ff)

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