April 30

1842: Death of Cottolengo

He was the founder of the “Little House of Divine Providence”, Turin. (cfr. MB II, 18)

1883: Cure for Assumption foretold

At Paris Don Bosco visited a sick young lady. He promised her that she would be cured on the feast of the Assumption, on condition that she would recite daily once the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory be and the Hail Holy Queen. On August 15 she was completely cured. (cfr. MB XVI, 243-44)

1887: Last visit to Rome

Following the invitation of Leo XIII Don Bosco came to Rome to take part in the blessing of the church of the Sacred Heart. This was to be his last visit to the eternal city. At Rome he also met Prince Augustus Czartoryski who had come to get the Pope’s permission to enter the salesian society. He obtained the required the permission on July 8. (cfr. MB XVIII, 313-14)

1932: Death of Father Nai (1855-1932)

He studied at the Oratory under Don Bosco’s guidance. The saint himself explained why he wanted to “make a deal with” young Louis Nai: “While I was hearing confessions – Don Bosco replied – I often saw little tongues of fire detach themselves from the candles on the altar of Mary Help of Christians, and, after moving in circles, flutter over the heads of some boys. One of these tongues of fire settled over you” For him those flames were obvious signs that those boys were to join the Salesian Society. This happened many times, as he himself confided to us in 1885. (BM x, is) In 1872 he took his first vows as a Salesian at Lanzo and was ordained a priest in 1877. Two years later Don Bosco appointed him prefect at San Benigno Canavese, where eventually he was director from 1887 to the expiration of his term of office in 1892. He was then appointed provincial of the Salesian houses of Palestine until 1906, when he was named provincial in Chil e….from 1926 he filled the office of director (Turin) until his death in 1932. His courtesy and amiability, his genuine Salesian spirit and his love of Don Bosco endeared him to all. (BM XIV, 576-577)

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