April 18

1834: ‘Enter the Seminary’

John Bosco applied to join the Franciscans and was admitted (cfr. March 30). But before joining them he consulted Father Cafasso, his spiritual director. The latter told him: “Go ahead with your studies. Enter the seminary and go along with whatever Divine Providence may ordain for you.” At one glance, Father Cafasso had grasped fully John Bosco’s mission. (BM 1, 229)

1868: Many fell into the torrent

Father Lemoyne writing from Turin to his boys of Lanzo, referred to a dream Don Bosco had about them. I was sure the screams were coming from Don Bosco’s rooms. The next morning I mulled over what I had heard and decided to mention it to Don Bosco. “It’s quite true” he replied. “Last night I had dreams which truly grieved me. I seemed to be on the bank of a torrent, not too wide, but turbulent with muddy frothy waters. All the Lanzo boys were with me, trying to jump to the other side. Many….landed safely on the opposite bank…some barely hit the bank, fell backward, and were swept away by the current…others toppled into the middle” It was because wretched companions tripped them or held them back by their coats or shoved them as they jumped…Let me ask them in Don Bosco’s own words: “Why, by your evil conversation, do you want to kindle in your companions’ hearts the flame of passions that will consume them for all eternity? Why do you teach evil to some who may still be innocent? Why crack certain jokes….” (BM IX, 68-69)

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